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"FreezAFrames help me keep my life organized! I put pictures in them as well as lists and important messages. They're great - I really love them!"
- Ellen, Mother of 2, Bethesda, Maryland
"I love FreezAFrames - they are so easy to use. Much easier than albums, I can change them as the kids get older. They are inexpensive. I recommend them highly."
- Estelle, Mother-Grandmother-Great Grandmother,
Wayne, New Jersey

"I love them! FreezAFrames instantly converted my white sterile refrigerator into a family photo gallery."
- Cathy McCoppin, Mother of 4 children, Dallas, Texas
"FreezAFrames are so easy to use. The many photos of my grandchildren on our refrigerator brings a smile to my face many times a day."
- Martin Kyle, Grandfather, Wheaton, Illinois
"FreezAFrames make great gifts - I have given them for Father's Day, Mother's Day, and Grandparents Day! I get them for my whole family, all over the country."
- Carole Hamilton, Mother of 2, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"Howard Packaging supports our community rehabilitation program for individuals with disabilities. FreezAFrames are bagged and displays are assembled by these people."
- Helen Nagiar, Hudson Community Enterprises, Jersey City, NJ

Freez•A•Frame has helped over 11 million homes
turn their refrigerators into photo galleries!