Roz and Howie Jacobs started FreezˇAˇFrame in April, 1995.

As proud grandparents we had many photos in acrylic frames on our refrigerator door. When the door was closed, very often the frames would fall off, crack and/or the photos would fall out. There had to be a better way!

That's why FreezˇAˇFrame was created. A flexible magnetic photo pocket that has a full magnetic back, therefore making FreezˇAˇFrames SLAM-PROOF.

Now with 11 grandchildren, our refrigerator door looks like a photo gallery and is covered with photos of our family. Our kitchen is a very happy room!

We know that if you'll try FreezˇAˇFrames on your fridge door, you will smile every time you open your refrigerator!

We want to thank many people who have contributed to our success. Our many loyal and valued customers, our caring suppliers and our devoted employees. Included in the above are a small number whose advice and encouragement will always be remembered: Jim Contoudis, Vicky Blas, Bob Dowdle, Dave Harrar, Jim Sheil, Carolyn Ludwig, David Dimont, Dan Harder, Kevin Harayda, Steve Lund, Michelle Stone, Dave Fairchild and last but not least Cary Dorbian.

Here is what people are saying about FreezˇAˇFrame Products!
"I love them! FreezˇAˇFrames instantly converted my white sterile refrigerator into a family photo gallery."
- Cathy McCoppin, Mother of 4 children, Dallas, Texas
"FreezˇAˇFrames are so easy to use. The many photos of my grandchildren on our refrigerator brings a smile to my face many times a day."
- Martin Kyle, Grandfather, Wheaton, Illinois
"FreezˇAˇFrames make great gifts - I have given them for Father's Day, Mother's Day, and Grandparents Day! I get them for my whole family, all over the country."
- Carole Hamilton, Mother of 2, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"Howard Packaging supports our community rehabilitation program for individuals with disabilities. FreezˇAˇFrames are bagged and displays are assembled by these people."
- Helen Nagiar, Hudson Community Enterprises, Jersey City, NJ

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"FreezˇAˇFrames help me keep my life organized! I put pictures in them as well as lists and important messages. They're great - I really love them!"
- Ellen, Mother of 2, Bethesda, Maryland
"I love FreezˇAˇFrames - they are so easy to use. Much easier than albums, I can change them as the kids get older. They are inexpensive. I recommend them highly."
- Estelle, Mother-Grandmother-Great Grandmother,
Wayne, New Jersey

FreezˇAˇFrame has helped over 7 million homes
turn their refrigerators into photo galleries!